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CRC Update and Webinar w/ Will MacNamara

CRC 2024 Infographic and Communicating "novel" CDR

CRC Webinar w/ Will MacNamara: Communicating "novel" CDR

Is the new wave of CDR solutions one thing, multiple things, or both? How do we interest the public, buyers, and regulators when there are such diverse approaches, when awareness of this confusing space is very low, and when perceptions are coloured by recent carbon-crediting scandals? Come join Carbon Removal Challenge Media Director Duncan McDowell as he’s joined by Will MacNamara, founder and Director of Gibbon, to discuss these questions and more! Will runs a communications and marketing consultancy focused on climate technology. His research at Cambridge University, where he is getting a mid-career master's, is focused on how to facilitate trust in novel CDR through coordinated communications. This session will be a discussion of his findings so far. Will's career is split between being a reporter for the Financial Times, where he wrote and edited for many years, and running communications at both tech startups and biodiversity not-for-profits. He named his company, Gibbon, after a primate that he is very interested in supporting and that wakes him up every morning from his home near the London Zoo. 

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CRC Update

We are also excited to share that we had a record 29 teams sign up for the 2024 Carbon Removal Challenge, check out the infographic below to learn more about the locations of our teams.

Judging is underway and finalists will be announced soon!

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