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Carbon Removal Challenge Finalist Announcement!!!

These 5 International Teams Are the OpenAir 2024 CRC Finalists

2024 Carbon Removal Challenge Finalist Announcement!!!

We’d like to thank all the teams that participated in the 2024 Carbon Removal Challenge! We’re announcing our finalists, but this isn’t the end of the 2024 Carbon Removal Challenge. We’ll be sending out more information soon with more webinars, ways to watch the CRC Finalist Showcase, and even attend in person as part of the opening night at Carbon Unbound! Plus, all participants in the Challenge will receive feedback on their submissions to help them iterate on them for the future.

There were so many great projects, it was difficult to select just five finalist teams, but our international panel of expert judges decided the teams below were the best of this year’s submissions, please join us in congratulating our finalists!

DACC Device with Novel Sorbent Geometry

School: Western University

Location: London, Canada

Team: Ethan Milroy, Kierra Holowachuk, Liam Israels, Eric Suszek, Sarah Lacroix, Lewis Klug, Mahmoud Abdelmageed, Sherif Elmaghraby, Ruan Badenhorst, Tagg Lee, Ben Rowatt

Description: A fully automated DACC device with a Zeolite 3D printed solid sorbent structure designed with greater surface area and intricate geometries to reduce pressure drop across the device increasing the efficiency.

LIMEX - Calcium Oxide Looping

Schools: Trent University / University of Ottawa

Locations: Peterborough, Canada / Ottawa, Canada

Team: Lance Dostie, Alexandru Telea

Description: Abundant. Scalable. Disruptive. Calcium Oxide Looping uses limestone to capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere in the most land efficient approach to date.

Monash Carbon Capture and Conversion (MC³)

School: Monash University

Locations: Melbourne, Australia

Team: Jayden Cooke, Will Wright, Charlotte Collins, Jack Bray

Description: Direct Air Capture via Electrochemically Mediated Amine Regeneration (EMAR), Integrated with Ethylene Production via CO₂ Reduction.

WatAIR DACC System with Algae Integrated Removal

School: University of Waterloo

Locations: Waterloo, Canada

Team: Anjiya Sharif, Robert Duff, Sophia Caleca, Jason Toft, Madison Mercier, Gabriel Thamby, Paulina Lagunes Betanzos, Hudson Kennedy, Ethan Gosnell, Cassidy Wong, Harshini Krishna, Tia Thompson, Lauren MacKay, Aahil Mukadam

Description: The WatAIR carbon dioxide removal device employs a moisture swing sorbent to capture CO2 from ambient air. The carbonated water byproduct is used to grow microalgae. Open-source dissolved and ambient CO2 sensors are being developed to improve MRV.

永遠の空気 (Eternal Air)

School: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)

Locations: Okinawa, Japan

Team: Jolan Bonelli, Charlotte Denman, Josefine Reuschenbach, Francesco Sartini,Jonas Sonnenschein

Description: Eternal Air is a temperature swing direct air capture (DAC) system designed to achieve self-sufficiency through its innovative system design and careful selection of a cheap, efficient and selective solid sorbent.

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